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WaterCare Products
FREE Water Analysis
With just a small sample of your water we can determine your needs and recommend the proper system. Give us a call and schedule your analysis today.
A proven line of Residential Products to meet specific water treatment needs such as water softeners, drinking water systems and more.
Water & Salt Delivery
Let us do the heavy lifting - home water and salt delivery. Need water testing? You can schedule that too...
Rheem Water Heaters
Residential water heating solutions. Standard tank and tank-less options. Available in LP, natural gas and electric versions.

Clean Water Solutions From Watertight WaterCare

Located in Waterford Wisconsin, Watertight WaterCare, Inc. is a family owned and operated water care business serving Southeastern Wisconsin since 1992. We are committed to providing exceptional water treatment products and services with a guarantee of customer satisfaction from our water consultants, technicians, route drivers, and office personnel.

It all starts with a FREE water analysis to determine which water care solution is the best for the water in your home. Let our water experts show you how to enjoy life with softer cleaner water. We can schedule a FREE water analysis in your home. Call our office or use the form below to arrange an in-home appointment. You can also make this request when having bottled water or salt delivered to your home.

Schedule Bottled Water and Salt Delivery

Let us do the heavy lifting. Need water testing? You can schedule that too...

Dr. Oz Talks About Water Quality

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